Develhub Annual Conference


"Help us with a whole new field: Artificial intelligence"


Develhub Annual Conference




Artificial Intelligence

The issue

There is a new wave of enthusiasm and interest within the Learning & Development (L&D) community in the Netherlands, namely the rise and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). During their annual conference, the L&D industry association Develhub wanted to reflect on this emerging phenomenon, especially given its newness and its potential and dangers in the L&D sector.


The challenge

By early 2023, AI was gaining momentum. Nevertheless, there was still little specific knowledge within the L&D sector on the subject. Although some scholarly publications were already available, many were still in the peer review phase. The challenge lay in distilling these early insights into useful and relevant information, and then providing 250 conference attendees with knowledge that was not only informative, but also directly applicable in their field.


Our solution

Our approach was thorough and thoughtful: Research - We conducted in-depth research, not only by reviewing existing literature and studies, but also by systematically testing AI tools in L&D contexts.

Collaboration with AI experts - By working with parties specializing in AI, we obtained the most current and relevant knowledge available at the time.

Top Notch Keynote - Armed with these new insights and knowledge, we put together a keynote that was not only informative, but also captivated and inspired attendees.

No More Boring Learning Concept - We made sure that our presentation was not only strong in content, but also sufficiently engaging and engaging. We did this by having the keynote adhere to our "No More Boring Learning" concept, keeping participants captivated and actively participating in the session.


Measurable result

Our efforts were rewarded: our keynote scored the highest of the three keynotes, both in terms of content and format. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that we managed to convey the complexity of the topic of AI in the L&D context in an understandable and engaging way.

Highest rated

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