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BOOST Leadership Track

The issue

Give our leaders from operational to strategic a boost in their leadership, making us ready for the changes coming to us in our company and especially in the industry.


The challenge

4 layers of leadership, each with their own challenges. The pathway should match everyone's learning goals and learning desires and at the same time the
pathway should have some recognizable commonalities so that everyone also has a shared experience.

350 leaders from across the country with very different issues and needs.


Our solution

Our basic principle: Leadership is not something you learn by following. So a standard track where you follow all different modules is out of the question. We created a Dragon's Den where each leader, starting at the top makes a pitch: what do I want to get out of the trajectory?

During a kickoff with a crazy boxing clinic, everyone shaped their own trajectory.

Participants also chose which parts of Boost were most interesting for their development while pitching and indicated that. They followed this menu of choices for a year and at the end they pitched their findings and whether they had succeeded.

Some of the workshops:
Personal leadership, Time management, Critical Thinking, Business model canvas, Change management, Dealing with Dragons and Innovation


Measurable result

An increase in leader involvement and engagement and a decrease in unwanted turnover.

350 executives

700 Dragon Den's

1289 participants in the various workshops

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