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"Help our students and faculty begin the upcoming academic year well and happily."


Rotterdam Mainport Institute




The issue

The Rotterdam Mainport Institute offers four technical college courses. They noticed that stress and fatigue among students and teachers increased during the second year with Covid-19 measures. Therefore, they wanted to pay attention to (work) happiness and dealing with stress. The question: design a keynote that helps them cope better with the stress of the upcoming academic year and makes them walk out of the room brimming with energy.


The challenge

RMI organizes a special day for all students and faculty each year that should be valuable to them. The theme of the day is work happiness. There are several speakers who each choose their own perspective. Participants do not consciously choose a speaker. It is important to get participants excited very quickly and thus give a catchy keynote.


Our solution

Our approach was low-key and varied.

Curious - By working with teasers from the beginning, we managed to hold attention well throughout the keynote. Due to the great variety, we managed to keep surprising the participants.

Stimulating - We used storytelling, our own new models and lots of humor. Participants appreciated the fresh perspectives and their own take on things.

Scientific - We wanted to respect participants by sharing science-based knowledge about increasing happiness and managing stress.


Measurable result

The participants were very positive. The high level of interaction and the many questions afterwards indicated that we had touched the participants' minds and hearts. Our keynote contributed greatly to the success of this important day.

High interaction

Excellent satisfaction

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