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"Each euro invested became 3.12 euros"


Accor BeNeLux - Sales




The Goose is Loose

The issue

Accor wanted to address the sales and guest experience in response to the great growth of Airbnb. We trained all Front of House employees in the Benelux. Front of House are the people with direct guest contact and with the ability to sell something extra: the front desk people and the bar and restaurant crew.


The challenge

Many hotels spread over three countries, with three very different cultures. Brands from economy to luxury that don't quite speak each other's language.


Our solution

Not a standard sales or upsell program. Beforehand, we trained the leaders in a 6-hour kick-off. Each hotel chose what they wanted to improve their performance in. Our trainers visited each hotel 4 times for 2.5 hours and trained them in Story telling, Challenges, Games, Teambuilding, Online challenges and blended learning. We then used an online community to track sales performance and awarded points in a real Battle; 'The Goose is Loose' (the Accor logo features the goose).

Through a big final pitch, each general manager and her or his team showed what changes they had secured in their hotel. After this, the grand prize was awarded and there was a big party.

Because we had no control group - after all, all hotels participated - we calculated the result of our efforts; we did not know if, if we saw an increase or decrease, it was due to market conditions or to our training efforts. After all, if the market suddenly increases by 10% and our client also increases by 10% then we added nothing.

After comparing with market trends, we were extremely pleased with the Retrun On Learning (ROI).


Measurable result

For every euro invested an ROI of 3.12 euros

Super happy crew

Engagement rate increased by 5% points

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