The Police - Workshop



The Police - Workshop





The issue

In policing, an organization that interacts daily with a variety of citizens, it is crucial to be able to level up well with colleagues internally as well. The crux of the issue is: how can you improve internal cooperation in order to serve citizens even more effectively?


The challenge

When dealing with an organization like the police, which is spread across the country and operates in a variety of task areas, it can be a challenge to constantly keep the common goal in mind. This challenge is compounded by the complexity of policing, where the dynamics and urgency of situations require shared vision and cooperation.


Our solution

We introduced our "Dealing with Dragons" method, combined with an advanced augmented reality app and our popular and good old-fashioned dragon quartet game. This resulted in an interactive workshop where participants were immersed in the world of dealing with dragons. This light-hearted and engaging
approach from our "No More Boring Learning" series provided a platform for the team to engage in good conversation with each other. Through this unique and inspiring experience, colleagues were encouraged to better understand and align with each other.


Measurable result

Although the direct results of this workshop cannot be expressed in hard numbers or percentages, the impact was clearly felt in practice. Teams experienced less friction and there were significantly fewer escalations or misunderstandings between different units. Improved internal communication and understanding contributed to more effective collaboration and a more harmonious work environment.

Increased commitment

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