ATD International Convention - San Diego



ATD International Convention - San Diego





The issue

At ATD, a prestigious international L&D conference in San Diego that brings together attendees from 83 countries, we were faced with the task of presenting a keynote that could stand out from thousands of other presentations. With some 10,000 attendees and an overwhelming array of speakers, it was essential to deliver a message that was both relevant and innovative.


The challenge

Each year the ATD receives more than 3,000 submissions from speakers seeking to present a wide range of topics. Of these 3000, only 300 keynotes are selected that are considered the most timely, surprising and innovative. To our delight, our submission was chosen, and we were also rewarded with a favorable time during the conference.


Our solution

The topic of our keynote focused on an essential tool in the L&D sector: storytelling. Our research showed that while many trainers and learning professionals understand the importance of storytelling, many find it difficult to create effective and engaging stories themselves. Our approach was simple but powerful:

Three types of stories - We identified three different types of stories that can be used in a learning environment.

Sharing examples - For each type of story, we presented examples so participants could see what effective storytelling looks like in practice.

Creating your own stories- We offered concrete tools and guidelines that participants could use to shape their own unique stories.


Measurable result

The response to our presentation was overwhelming. Our room was filled to the last seat, which was an accomplishment in itself in a conference with so many choices. And with some rooms remaining eerily empty. In addition, we received an impressive rating of 9.2, placing us among the top rated keynotes of the event. To top it off, stock of our "No More Boring Learning" book sold out within two hours of the keynote.

No More Boring Learning book sold out

9.2 rating

Full house

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