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The issue

The Jumbo Academy has always strived to provide optimal guidance to its employees through a wide range of learning activities, ranging from training courses to online modules, intranet resources and toolboxes. After a phase of rapid growth and numerous acquisitions, the need arose to further professionalize the Academy. The challenge: How can the Jumbo Academy make an even bigger impact with all these learning activities?


The challenge

Jumbo's extensive network, which spans hundreds of stores throughout the country, has different corporate structures. This, combined with working with a range of internal and external trainers, makes standardizing and optimizing training a complex task. The challenge lay not only in scaling up, but also in ensuring quality and consistency across the network.


Our solution

To meet Jumbo's specific needs, we took a multi-pronged approach:

Robust Educational Basis - By establishing a solid educational foundation, we have ensured that all training starts from the same principles and guidelines.

Train-the-Trainer Programs - We have established various training programs to educate both internal and external trainers. This ensures that every trainer has the tools and knowledge

has to effectively transfer the Jumbo standards.

Podcasts & Books - Using modern media such as podcasts and supporting literature, we provided additional resources to trainers for depth and inspiration.

Co-creation, Design & Counter Reading - We believe in the power of collaboration. By co-designing training courses with Jumbo Academy and critically counter-reading them, we have developed an approach that fits seamlessly with the needs of the organization.

Checklists - To ensure the quality and consistency of trainings, we have introduced checklists. These serve as a tool to ensure that each training meets established standards.


Measurable result

Although it is too early to present definitive results, we are optimistic about the progress and impact of our interventions. We continue to work closely with the Jumbo Academy to evaluate the effectiveness of our approach and, where necessary, adjust it. We are going to make real impact right for Jumbo's customers.

Increased impact on level 2 (learned).

Increased impact on level 3 (behavior).

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