Telecom - Crossselling


"A 4600% increase on Home Products sales nationwide."


Telecom - Crossselling




Expedition Triple Play

The issue

How do we increase our sales on a particular product group? Our stores sell many cell phones and subscriptions, but almost no home products (landline, Internet, television).

As the market moves toward all-in-one subscriptions, it is crucial that we capitalize on that


The challenge

With many franchise stores also many different opinions and interests. Nationwide distribution of more than 200 stores.

Tight staffing in stores.


Our solution

A one-day training focused on creating a Burning Platform in each participant to want to sell home products. Through our proven Horse of Troy quiz, cleverly timing the questions in the customer conversations and adding some questions focused on pain, we sent the employees and shop managers back into the stores. This training was followed by a learning incentive in the theme of Expedition Robinson. During this incentive we rewarded on smart input, learning and output.


Measurable result

An increase of 4600% on Home Products sales nationwide

Application of deflection techniques increased by 147%

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