Schiphol Learning Festival



Schiphol Learning Festival




Learning Festival

The issue

At the festive launch of new learning opportunities for Schiphol, we wanted to draw attention to the importance of learning in a special way. This resulted in the Schiphol Learning Festival. The assignment? To create an inspiring keynote that not only informed Schiphol employees about the available learning opportunities, but also enthused and stimulated them to actively participate.


The challenge

The festival had a rich offering: a market, various workshops and other speakers. It was essential that our keynote be a unique addition, with no overlap with the rest of the offerings. The presentation had to fit both the overarching theme and the other speakers, while at the same time presenting a fresh and distinctive sound.


Our solution

Our approach was dynamic and interactive:

Unique Storytelling - We designed a customized story (storytelling) that highlighted the essence of learning, specifically tailored to the context of Schiphol and its employees.

Brain Knowledge - We shared insights on how the brain works when it comes to learning. By revealing what drives our brain to absorb and retain new information, we gave employees tools to optimize their own learning.

Active Games - Instead of providing a purely passive listening experience, we engaged participants with interactive games. These allowed them to test their own memory and learning abilities, which was not only fun, but insightful.


Measurable result

Reactions after the festival were overwhelmingly positive. Our keynote played an important role in the successful launch of the Schiphol Learning Festival. Schiphol employees have since taken advantage of the learning opportunities offered more actively and in greater numbers. As icing on the cake, Jeanne was asked to speak again this year because of her outstanding contribution.

Increased use of learning opportunities

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