Timing - Onboarding


"Reduce our turnover, increase the flexibility and independence of our new employees, increase bonding with Timing."


Timing - Onboarding




JUMP Onboarding

The issue

With a very large influx, we also have a turnover appropriate to the industry. Competitors are pulling on our people, managers spend a lot of time and energy inducting new people, and it takes a long time. We want less turnover and shorter onboarding time.


The challenge

A national spread with fairly autonomous branches where each manager handles it in his or her own way.

A difference between SME staffing offices and Inhouse offices.


Our solution

We knew we had to work on three things: the commitment of the new employees, getting them in (faster) and making Timing distinctive both to the flex worker and to the customers.

In the onboarding process we designed, we therefore used storytelling, gamification, lots of variety of a lot of small practical assignments, learning through
training, assignments, on the job and online. In terms of content, we focus on asking different kinds of questions, being able to explain your added value well, and establishing lasting relationships with clients and flex workers.

The program is designed to prepare new employees for a career in business.


Measurable result

Adverse attrition

Desired course

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When you choose training, you want results. You want your people to learn a lot, you want the time to fly by, and you want results for your organization. Measurable results. That's what Brain Bakery does.

Because of our scientific foundation combined with our No More Boring Learning philosophy, we achieve business results that don't lie.