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"Help us to still be able to continue learning and training during Lockdowns"


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Train the Trainer

The issue

Like many organizations, Philadelphia has been caught off guard by Covid-19. As a healthcare organization, it is essential that we continue to train. Our trainers are professionally very strong, but have no experience with online training. Teach our internal trainers to deliver their training online instead of live.


The challenge

Most trainers are not educationally trained and not experienced in working with online platforms. Being a healthcare facility, it is important to spend the available budget as efficiently as possible.


Our solution

We designed an online Train the Trainer spread over two days. We trained simultaneously on content and form. In doing so, we used the available time as efficiently as possible.

The training consisted of a carefully crafted selection of training knowledge. That knowledge matched exactly the context of the participants. In addition, we offered a rich selection of techniques, work forms, exercises and tools. We made sure that these were suitable for trainers with relatively little experience.

We offered each component through a different work format and through a different tool. As a result, participants learned at the same time about the training content as well as the possibilities of delivering an online training No More Boring.

On top of that, in the preparation of all the trainings, which the participants gave live, we had converted one part to an online version. This allowed them to immediately put content and form into their own context.


Measurable result

At the end of the training, participants had greatly increased knowledge about training science. They designed better online training courses with a greater variety of exercises and work formats. Also, 84% of the participants reported feeling much more confident while delivering online training.

Increased self-efficacy trainers: 84%

100% workouts continued despite lock-down

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